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January 23, 2022

I tried out Pakistan’s private airline Serene Air A330 from Islamabad to Karachi in Serene Plus (Business Class). The A330-200 has a proper 24 lie-flat seat in business class and 275 economy class.

Serene Air A330 is currently the only wide-body airplane serving the domestic sector in Pakistan. During the flight, a snack was served on Serene Air in both economy and business class. We enjoyed the Malai Boti snack in Business Class.

Aviation in Pakistan has large potential due to the population but the reality is somewhat different. The airfare remains high and few can afford to fly. Lot of aggressive scheduling causes frequent delays. The country’s domestic market performs poorly in terms of available domestic seats divided by the population. More details are in the video. – Pakistan has about 0.03 seats per person, in comparison with India (0.16), Nepal (0.11) and Bangladesh (0.04).

To date, the Pakistani aviation sector has been dealing with a large set of specific challenges: Political instability, security situations, inadequate infrastructure, poor safety culture, inconsistency in state policy, inconsistent tax laws, weak economic growth, poor access to investments and funds, lack of structural reforms and unsupportive economic policies. The Pakistani aviation sector can be described as ‘the large sleeping giant‘, which needs to wake up from the pandemic effects and immediately grab the opportunities for a better future.

A recent study by Bauer Aviation Advisory on snapshot of aviation in Pakistan:

Thanks to Bauer Aviation Advisory for the infographic:

Serene Air cover image by Shajie Hussain:

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