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May 11, 2022

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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Azman Air.

Class: Economy
Route: Kano (KAN) to Lagos (LOS)
Plane: Boeing 737-300

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Travel to the Airport
2:49 Outside the Airport
5:15 Check In Experience
6:53 Boarding the 737-300
8:29 Cabin Intro
9:55 Meet Blessing
11:00 Take Off
11:50 Mosquito Attack
13:24 Coffee Service
14:09 The Loo Review
15:21 Flight Summary
15:43 Landing at Lagos
16:31 Travel to the Hotel
17:37 Summary

#nigeria #joshcahill #azmanair

#joshcahill #aviation #flightreview #africa #azmanair #nigeria