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January 1, 2023

And then the day has finally come... 🥳 After the short- and long-haul training and exams, I’m super proud to to call myself a fully qualified Flight Attendant! 💪🛫Certainly, the 2,5 months of Flight Attendant training are hardly comparable to the eight years of studies I have completed to become a lawyer.But: While law school focuses primarily on studying complex cases and hard skills, Flight Attendant school focuses a lot on 'feeling' and soft skills. From that perspective, the two trainings are complimentary. Being a Flight Attendant means taking care about safety and security, being a host, satisfying people's expectations and catering to their needs. It means compassion, patience and intercultural communication. And for me, it meant leaving my comfort zone. ☁️✈️☀️I am very proud of my license. Proud, most of all, to have had the courage for change. It's easy to stay where we are, to enjoy the comfort and stability, financial and otherwise, that we achieve at some point in our life. It is extremely hard to let it go. This journey is not only about a Lawyer becoming a Flight Attendant really. It's about radical change, courage and embracing the risk of failure.If I'd have one wish for everyone, it's that those of you who are thinking about some sort of radical change, may see that there are people like you out there who have done it. If they can, if I can, then you can, too. 😉👈Life is all about the choices we make. Every single day, we either choose to stay where we are or we opt for change and personal growth. It may not be easy, but it is simple. 🙌🍀I would like to thank you all for following my story. It has been a pleasure being able to give you an insight into my career change! 👋I now say goodbye to you on this channel (for now). If you would like to continue following me, check-out my own account 🌟✨All the best, and happy new year! 🍾✨ Noemie #flyswisscrew #fromlawyertoflightattendant #training #graduation
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